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Kenya Moore – Gone With the Wind Fabulous or Just GONE?

Kenya Moore Evicted

Kenya Moore came up with “Gone with the wind fabulous.”  Well after her recent court eviction proceeding she is just GONE!  POOF!  That’s it!  EVICTED!  Please hold the twirls!

Ms. Moore was renting a Georgian six bedroom, six bathroom mansion, in which she was to pay $3,999.00 per month.  That’s a nice number.  I wonder if that number ended in 99 to make it more appealing……and did it attract the right tenant?  Anyway…..  so of the $3,999.00 rent, Ms. Moore allegedly only paid $3,151.00, which was short $848 for the month of May (These numbers are killing me…LOL) and also defaulted on “Unspecified” terms in regards to the mansion per Radar online.

Earlier this month Wendy Williams offered to pay Ms. Moore’s $848 debt if she called in to explain the circumstances before the end of the show.  Wendy said: “I’ll pay the rest of your May rent if you call before the end of the show and explain what’s going on with the landlord.”  I guess that call wasn’t made.

a Fulton County judge ruled in favor of Ms. Moore’s landlord, Conya Weems-Dillon, to evict Ms. Moore from the property after Moore failed to make an appearance in court on Tuesday.

I don’t know about you but I feel bad for Ms. Moore.  I hope things look up for her soon.

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